Hida Ariyoshi

Crab Clan Bushi


A 6’ 3" 290 lbs Hida family male. Short black hair and deep brown eyes. Despite his great size he still has a baby-face.


A young Clan Crab member from the school of Hida Bushi.

Immediate Family

Father: Korehiro
Mother: Kesa
Brother: Hiroyori
Sister: Koro


Ariyoshi was always large for his age and a natural athlete, which made for very little competition from his fellow students of the same age. This natural size and talent allowed Ariyoshi to enjoy life outside of school and maintain a child like exuberance. Even now at 23 years old he can find a joke in any tragedy and sliver lining in the darkest cloud.

As a Hida Bushi he takes his responsibility to protect the land seriously, but has little ambition beyond eating and drinking his way across the country.

Hida Ariyoshi

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